Rev. John T. Pless, Professor of Practical Theology, CTS, Fort Wayne says:

"The American Evangelical theologian, Mark Noll comments 'For whatever reason, in the ineffable wisdom of God, the speech of Martin Luther rang clear where others merely mumbled.' Thanks to the efforts of Pastor Joel Baseley, the speech of Martin Luther is allowed to ring clear in Luther's Family Devotions. In contrast to the majority of contemporary devotional volumes available today, Luther's Family Devotions provides daily readings that are reflective of the realities of God's work in Christ and His delivery of that work in Baptism, Absolution, and the Supper. . ."

Pastor Terjesen says of "Christ Beyond Reason":

"The relationship between faith and reason is one of the great insights of genuine, biblical Reformation theology. All orthodox Lutheran theologians know this. In translating the festival portion of Luther’s Church Postil, Pr. Baseley was struck by the prominence of this important theme in Luther’s preaching. This little book highlights what Luther says concerning faith and reason in those sermons. We live in a time when Christians must steer carefully between the Scylla of rationalism, and the Charybdis of irrationality. Christ Beyond Reason will help us to avoid making reason the master of faith, with attendant spiritual disasters, and will also help us steer clear of the irrational fanaticism so rampant in our culture.


Pastor Roham Fernando of Sri Lanka writes:

"Dear Brother Joel, While I was travelling in the train the person next to me an American was reading a book called CHRIST BEYOND REASON. Quickly I borrowed i frm him and started reading and I want to say how much it has blessed me.I'm the pastor oa a bible believing church in Sri lanka and I pray that one day the Lord would bring you here and use you to teach and minister to our people. her is so much to learn from you.People want to know the truth but, there are no teachers like you to teach them. Do you know any pastors in Asia, who could come and teach our people? THANKING YOU, PASTOR


Rev. William Terjesen, Pastor, Lutheran  Church of our Redeemer, Peekskill, NY says:

"Finally a daily devotional collection culled from the writings of Martin Luther that is meaty, churchly, and comprehensive. More than just snippets, these selections give the reader a real exposure to substantial portions of Luther at his best. Pastors and laymen will both get a lot out of this valuable book."

Rev. Joel Brondos, Pastor and Headmaster of St. Paul's Lutheran Church, Brookfield, IL says:

"As a translator and colporteur, Rev. Joel Baseley has made Link's salutary devotional work accessible to many more modern readers. This edition brings together the Scriptures, Luther, Lutheran hymnody and the church year. Whether one finds it in the home, the study or the classroom, one cannot help but benefit from these daily doses of Law and Gospel, the theology of the cross, and the doctrine of the two kingdoms."

Pastor Pless says of "Christ Beyond Reason:

"Luther confessed reason as one of the creaturely endowments that God has given man in his explanation of the First Article. Yet in the same catechism Luther asserts “I cannot by own reason or strength believe in Jesus Christ, my Lord or come to him.” For all of its earthly good, reason has no place in heavenly matters. In the things of faith, reason leads to hell. Luther captured this reality in his preaching, preaching that was not aimed at domesticating reason but putting it to death so that the wisdom of the cross might be received by faith alone. Pastor Joel Basely has done marvelous work as he has combed the Reformer’s festival sermons to recover for a twenty-first century audience the pearls of great Gospel worth. Well-organized and imminently readable this book will enrich both pastors and laity in their appreciation for the wisdom of God which is found only in the foolishness of the cross.” . ."

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