C.F.W. Walther (1811 - 1887) began publishing Der Lutheraner in September of 1844, which was some five years after the Saxons settled in America and about three years before his church body, the Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod was formed. I am pleased to have come into possession of the first 90 volumes of Der Lutheraner from Germany, of all places, and have been thrilled to read the first volumes and to begin translating the same. After having issued the first two years of translations, and sending them out bi-weekly, though not polished, to our subscribers, I labored feverishly to get the third year (the year of Synod's formation) done in time for the 125th anniversary of Walther's death.

The first three years of der Lutheraner are thus available to you in a bound form. Please click the link just below to purchase this chronicle of the formation of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod:

Click here to purchase the_bound volume of Der Lutheraner

  I am about to begin issuing the fourth year of Der Lutheraner in September. However, due to the fact that each issue is 8 pages (as opposed to the original 4 pages) I am only able to send out one issue every 4 weeks, instead of e every 2. So please be patient and know that it will take about two years to get you the complete 4th volume, the first year DL served as the communication organ of Synod.

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As I have been busy translating into the fourth year of der Lutheraner, it has been thrilling to trace the challenges and blessings of the early syond. It is my goal to translate two more years of this publication to trace the early history and the calamitous disasters of plague and fire St. Louis would face in the next few years.

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