Promise Keepers in the Light of Sanctification: A paper presented October 6-8, 1997 to the Pastoral Conference of the South Wisconsin District of the LCMS.


Open Letter to the Commission on Worship on Bible Translations: December 16, 2002 letter comparing translation of John 2.22f, a sedes dictrinae in the Small Catechism in the NASB, ESV, and NKJV, advocating the use of the KJV/NKJV.


Doctrinal charges against David Benke over Yankee Stadium Prayer Service Participation: Initial charges filed against David Benke for his syncretism at Yankee Stadium following 9/11.


What is Idolatry? Leaning heavily upon Luther's observations of the fall into sin and the intimate relation between the first three commandments, Luther shows the nature of idolatry as the root of all sin.


Fault Lines. . .Paper delineating the true Gospel from the modern caricature of the same in light of developments in the church at large and the syncretism of Yankee Stadium.


Defending the Borders. Asserting the church's responsibility to witness against error and to exclude error and errorists from outward fellowship with the truth, so long as they assert what is obviously against the truth.


Grandfather's Church an appendix from one of the Walther translations (Ocassional Sermons and Addresses - See Walther Store in the Strewn Leaves Tab) which relates the concern that Walther's church had for repentant faith, which concern has all but dissappeared in the modern church. As modern voices would call Walther a pietist on this issue, the charge is most often rendered by those who have fallen, or are in danger of falling, into anti Nomianism or Methodism.



The LORD, the Keys and the Church. Essay on the Biblically mandates authority structure of the church leaning heavily upon Walther's statements in his Convention Sermons found primarily in Lutherische Brosamen, 1876. Evaluation and diagnosis of the failure of modern Lutheranism is included with keys to recovery if repentance is still an option. rs version is a paper saver; in reader's spread format.

Abridged Keys Version

Abridged-readers spread.

The LORD, the Keys and the Church. Condensed version (much shorter but not as much good, either).

2006 School Paper

Scriptural Foundation and Basis for the Christian Day School.  Theological treatment of relationships defined between Church, School, Pastor, Teacher and Parent in the Lutheran School with application to present trends in Lutheran Schools.

Graebner Paper; 1896 Synodical Conference 

On Church Customs w.r.t. Congregational Autonomy and Synodical Unity.  Translation requested by an Australian Pastor; expresses good principles and some proper distinctions to be observed in matters of Christian Freedom.

Keyl's Confession of Stephanism 

Keyl's Confession of Stephanism - published in Germany for his previous congregation detailing his perceptions of Stephanism and its errors and his participation in the same

Keyl on Private Confession and Absolution

Keyl's DL Article on Private Absolution - 3 part article from Der Lutheraner vol. 4 on the advisability of reinstituting private confession/absolution as the norm of the Lutheran Church.

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