Bible Studies

At Emmanuel Lutheran Church

Dearborn, MI

Commended 9 February, 2020

The Doctrine of Heaven and Hell

Absract:  Scriptural revelation as to the nature of heaven and hell will be surveyed. Angelology will be introduced as appropriate as well as election and the doctrine of justification. Levels of heaven and hell will also be examined.

9 February, 2020        Audio                 Handout        Introduction

16 February, 2020        Audio                 Handout        (Heaven's) Angels

23 February, 2020        Audio                 Handout        (Hell's) Angels

1 March, 2020                Audio                 Handout        (Hell's) Angels; Part 2

8 March, 2020                Audio                 Handout        Eternal (Human) Damnation; Part 1

15 March, 2020        Audio                 Handout        Eternal (Human) Damnation; Is Hell in the OT?

22 March, 2020        Audio                 Handout        Heaven for the Saved; Walther's Description of Heaven

Commenced 12 November, 2017        


Basic Bible Stories

Abstract:  It's back to the Bible. The class will march week by week through the Old Testament and New in 50 weeks of basic Bible stories, beginning with Creation.

12 November, 2017        Audio                 Handout        Creation; Genesis 1

19 November, 2017        Audio                 Handout        Creation of Man; Genesis 2

26 November, 2017    Audio         Handout        Mankind's Fall; a Savior Promised (Gen. 3 pt. 1)

3 December, 2017      Audio         Handout        Mankind's Fall; a Savior Promised (Gen. 3 pt. 2)

10 December, 2017    Audio         Handout        Cain and Abel: Genesis 4

17 December, 2017    Audio                 Handout        Pre-flood History; Genesis 5 - 6a

7 January, 2018        Audio                 Handout        The Flood (part 1 of 3) Genesis 6b-7

14 January, 2018        Audio                 Handout        The Flood (part 2 of 3) Genesis 8a

28 January, 2018        Audio                 Handout        The Flood (part 3 of 3) Genesis 8b and 9

4 February, 2018       Audio                 Handout        The Tower of Babel Genesis 10 and 11

11 February, 2018        No recording due to techical difficulties

18 February, 2018       Audio                 Handout        The Offering of Isaac Genesis 21 and 22

25 February, 2018       Audio                 Handout        Isaac's Family; Genesis 24-27

4 March, 2018            Audio                 Handout        Jacob's leaving; Jacob's Ladder; Genesis 28

11 March, 2018           Audio                 Handout        Jacob's Family (Part 1) Genesis 28 - 37

18 March, 2018          Audio                 Handout        Jacob's Family (Part 2) Genesis 28 - 37

25 March, 2018          Audio                 Handout        Joseph and His Brothers Genesis 37.12f

8 April, 2018                 Audio                 Handout        Joseph Serves Pharaoh Genesis 39-40 (pt. 1)

15 April, 2018                 Audio                 Handout        Joseph Serves Pharaoh Genesis 39-40 (pt. 2)

22 April, 2018                 Audio                 Handout        Joseph Serves Pharaoh Genesis 41 (pt. 3)

29 April, 2018                 Audio                 Handout        Joseph's Brothers' Journey Genesis 42-43

6 May, 2018                 Audio                 Handout        Joseph Reveals Himself to his Brothers Genesis 44-45

13 May, 2018                 Audio                 Handout        Joseph and Jacob are Reunited Genesis 46-50

27 May, 2018                 Audio                 Handout        The Birth of Moses (part 1) Exodus 1,2

3 June, 2018                 Audio                 Handout        The Birth of Moses (part 2)

10 June, 2018                 Audio                 Handout        The Call of Moses Exodus 3,4

17 June, 2018                 Audio                 Handout        The Passover Exodus 11,12

8 July, 2018                 Audio                 Handout        The Exodus; Exodus 12-14

15 July, 2018                 Audio                 Handout        The Giving of the Law; Exodus 19-20

29 July, 2018                 Audio                 Handout        The Golden Calf; Exodus 32, 34

5 August, 2018                 Audio                 Handout        The Bronze Snake pt. 1; Numbers 13-14

12 August, 2018                 Audio                 Handout        The Bronze Snake pt. 2; Numbers 21

19 August, 2018                 Audio                 Handout        Entrance to Cana; Deuteronomy 34; Joshua 1-5

26 August, 2018                 Audio                 Handout        The Conquest; Joshua 6-10

9 September, 2018              Audio                 Handout        The Judge Gideon; Judges 6-7

23 September, 2018            Audio                 Handout        Ruth; The Book of...

30 September, 2018            Audio                 Handout        The Boy Samuel; 1 Samuel 1-4

7 October, 2018            Audio                 Handout        King Saul; 1 Samuel 8-15

14 October, 2018            Audio                 Handout        David is Chosen; 1 Samuel 16-17

21 October, 2018            Audio                 Handout        David's Fall and Repentance part 1; 2 Samuel 11-12

28 October, 2018            Audio                 Handout        David's Fall and Repentance part 2; 2 Samuel 11-12

4 November, 2018            Audio                 Handout        Solomon and the Temple; 1 Kings 3-8

18 November, 2018            Audio                 Handout        The Prophet Elijah; 1 Kings 16-17

25 November, 2018            Audio                 Handout        Elijah and the Prophets of Baal; 1 Kings 18

2 December, 2018            Audio                 Handout        Naboth's Vineyard; 1 Kings 21

16 December, 2018            Audio                 Handout        Elisha Sees Elijah Ascend; 2 Kings 2

23 December, 2018            Audio                 Handout        Naaman and Elisha; 2 Kings 5

30 December, 2018            Audio                 Handout        Jeremiah; Jeremiah 37, 38

6 January, 2019            Audio                 Handout        Daniel in the Lion's Den; Daniel 6

13 January, 2019            Audio                                   Intertestimental Period

20 January, 2019            Audio                 Handout        A Message for Zechariah; Luke 1

27 January, 2019            Audio                 Handout        The Announcement to Mary; Mt. 1 & Luke 1

3 February, 2019            Audio                 Handout        The Birth of John the Baptist; Luke 1

10 February, 2019            Audio                 Handout        The Presentation of Jesus; Luke 2

17 February, 2019            Audio                 Handout        The Magi from the East; Matthew 2

24 February, 2019            Audio                 Handout        The Flight to Egypt; Matthew 2

3 March, 2019            Audio                 Handout        The Boy Jesus in the Temple; Luke 2

10 March, 2019            Audio                 Handout        The Baptism of Jesus Part 1; Matthew 3

17 March, 2019            Audio                 Handout        The Baptism of Jesus Part 2; Matthew 3

24 March, 2019            Audio                 Handout        The Temptation of Jesus; Matthew 4

31 March, 2019            Audio                 Handout        Jesus Changes Water into Wine; John 2

14 April, 2019            Audio                 Handout        The Widow of Nain's Son and Jairus' Daughter; Luke 7-8

28 April, 2019            Audio                 Handout        Jesus Feeds Over 5,000; John 6

19 May, 2019                     Audio                 Handout        The Ten Lepers; Luke 17

26 May, 2019                     Audio                 Handout        Jesus Blesses the Children; Matthew 18, 19

2 June, 2019                     Audio                 Handout        Transfiguration; Matthew 17

9 June, 2019                     Audio                 Handout        Zacchaeus; Luke 19

16 June, 2019                     Audio                 Handout        The Lost Sheep and the Lost Coin; Luke 15

30 June, 2019                     Audio                 Handout        The Lost Son; Luke 15

7 July, 2019                     Audio                 Handout        The Foolish Rich Man; Luke 12

14 July, 2019                     Audio                 Handout        The Pharisee and the Publican; Luke 8

21 July, 2019                     Audio                 Handout        The Good Samaritan; Luke 10

28 July, 2019                     Audio                 Handout        The Triumphal Entry; Matthew 21

25 August, 2019            Audio                 Handout        Christ's Anointing; Mark 14 & John 12

1 September, 2019            Audio                 Handout        The Day of Judgement; Matthew 25

8 September, 2019            Audio                 Handout        Jesus in the Garden of Gathsemane

22 September, 2019            Audio                 Handout        Jesus' Betrayal and Arrest; Mt. 26, John 18

29 September, 2019            Audio                 Handout        Jesus Before the Sanhedrin; Mt. 26, John 18

6 October, 2019            Audio                 Handout        Peter Disowns Jesus; Judas Dies; Mt. 26-27, Luke 22

13 October, 2019            Audio                 Handout        Jesus Before Pilate; John 18-19

27 October, 2019            Audio                 Handout        Jesus is Crucified (part 1)

3 November, 2019            Audio                 Handout        Jesus is Crucified (part 2)

10 November, 2019            Audio                 Handout        Jesus' Death and Burial; John 19, Mt. 27

17 November, 2019            Audio                 Handout        Jesus' Resurrection, Mt. 28; Mark 16

24 November, 2019            Audio                 Handout        First Easter Appearance of Jesus/Mark's ending; Mark 16

1 December, 2019            Audio                 Handout        Christ Appears to His Disciples; John 20, Matthew 28

8 December, 2019            Audio                 Handout        The Ascension; Acts 1

15 December, 2019            Audio                 Handout        The Holy Spirit Comes at Pentecost; Acts 2

5 January, 2020            Audio                 Handout        Stephen; Acts 6,7

12 January, 2020            Audio                 Handout        Philip and the Ethiopian; Acts 8

19 January, 2020            Audio                 Handout        Saul's Conversion; Acts 9

26 January, 2020            Audio                 Handout        Peter is Freed from Prison; Acts 12

2 February, 2020            Audio                 Handout        Paul is Shipwrecked; Acts 27-28

Commenced 30 April, 2017        

Spring/Summer Series

Keyl's Biography of Martin Luther

Abstract:  In honor of this year's 500th year anniversary of the Reformation, we will read through and study in detail the biography of Luther written by E.G.W. Keyl and published in the first volume of Der Lutheraner starting in the December 28, 1844 issue (as translated by Rev. Joel R. Baseley).

Keyl's Bio of Martin Luther in PDF form

30 April, 2017                Audio                 Introduction and Early Childhood

7 May, 2017                Audio                 Training and Offices

14 May, 2017                Audio                 Luther begins as Proffessor in Wittenberg

21 May, 2017                Audio                 Tetzel, Indulgences and the Start of the Reformation

28 May, 2017                Audio                 Luther and the Church at the Start of the Reformation

4 June, 2017                Audio                 Review on "transubstantiation"

11 June, 2017                Audio                 Luther Summoned to Worms

18 June, 2017                Audio                 Luther's Good Confession at Worms

2 July, 2017                Audio                 Luther's Exile at the Wartburg

9 July, 2017                Audio                 Carlstadt, Art-Statues in Church, Iconoclasm

16 July, 2017                Audio                 The Effects of Luther's Early Writings

23 July, 2017                Audio                 Luther and the Peasant's Rebellion

30 July, 2017                Audio                 Peasant's Rebellion (2) and Luther's Marriage (1525)

28 August, 2017        Audio                 Luther's Family / Family life

3 September, 2017        Audio                 Luther and the Sacramentarians (Marburgh Colloquy)

10 September, 2017   Audio missing; technical difficulties; Augsburg Confession

24 September, 2017        Audio                 The aftermath of the Augsburg Confession

1 October, 2017        Audio                 InterLutheran Controversies

8 October, 2017        Audio                 Antinomianism face; uses of the Law

15 October, 2017        Audio                 Reactions to the Reformation; Abuse of Freedom

22 October, 2017        Audio                 Elder Luther and the Bohemian Brethren

29 October, 2017        Audio                 Elder Luther (audio trbls; partial recording)

5 November, 2017        Audio                 Luther's death; burial (audio trbls; partial recording)

Commenced 21 August, 2016        

Winter/Spring Series

The Petrine Epistles

Abstract:  A study of the Petrine Epistles: comfort and hope for the church awaiting persecution.

21 August, 2016        Audio                 Handout        Introduction

28 August, 2016        Audio                 Handout        1 Peter 1.3f

4 September, 2016        Audio                 Handout        1 Peter 1.6f

11 September, 2016        Audio                 Handout        1 Peter 1.13f

11 September, 2016        Audio                 Handout        1 Peter 1.13f

13 November, 2016        Audio                 Handout        1 Peter 2.15

20 November, 2016        Audio                 Handout        1 Peter 2.16f

27 November, 2016        Audio                 Handout        1 Peter 3.1-6

4 December, 2016        Audio                 Handout        1 Peter 3.7f

11 December, 2016        Audio                 Handout        1 Peter 4.1f

18 December, 2016        Audio                 Handout        1 Peter 4.7f

8 January, 2017        Audio                 Handout        1 Peter 5.1f

22 January, 2017        Audio                 Handout        End 1 Peter; Begin 2 Peter

5 February, 2017        Audio                 Handout        2 Peter 1.5f

19 February, 2017        Audio                 Handout        2 Peter 1 conclusion

26 February, 2017        Audio                 Handout        2 Peter 2.1,2

5 March, 2017                Audio                 Handout        2 Peter 2.3-9

12 March, 2017        Audio                 Handout        2 Peter 2.9-12

19 March, 2017        Audio                 Handout        2 Peter 2.13f

26 March, 2017        Audio                 Handout        2 Peter 3.1-3

2 April, 2017                Audio                 Handout        2 Peter 3.4-7

9 April, 2017                Audio                 Handout        2 Peter 3.8-13

Commenced 2 October, 2016        

October, 2016

Stewardship of Your Church Membership

Abstract:  A study of the rights and responsibilities a Christian has as a member of the Christian Church. The first link below is the basic resource being used in the class; feel free to download and print or open to follow while listening to the audio files.

Church Membership: What does this Mean?

2 October, 2016        Audio                 Handout        Introduction

9 October, 2016        Audio                 Handout        Receiving Christ in Word and Sacrament

16 October, 2016        Audio                                 My Stewardship of the Gospel

23 October, 2016        Audio                                 My Care for Brothers in Faith

Commenced 7 February, 2016        

Winter/Spring Series

The Prophet Zechariah

Abstract:  A study of the 6th Century, post-exilic Prophet as facilitated from his writings in the penultimate book contained in the Old Testament Canon.

7 February, 2016        Audio                 Handout        Introduction

14 February, 2016        Audio                 Handout        Seven Visions; Part 1

21 February, 2016        Audio                 Handout        Seven Visions; Part 2

28 February, 2016        Audio                 Handout        Seven Visions; Part 3a

6 March, 2016                Audio                 Handout        Seven Visions; Part 3b

13 March, 2016        Audio                 Handout        Seven Visions; Part 4

20 March, 2016        Audio                 Handout        Seven Visions; Part 5

3 April, 2016                Audio                 Handout        Seven Visions; Part 6

10 April, 2016                Audio                 Handout        Exilic Rites (chs 7,8) keep or not? Pt.1

24 April, 2016                Audio                 Handout        Exilic Rites (chs 7,8) keep or not? Pt.2

1 May, 2016                Audio                 Handout        Exilic Rites (chs 7,8) keep or not? Pt.3

8 May, 2016                Audio                 Handout        Exilic Rites (chs 7,8) keep or not? Pt.4

22 May, 2016                Audio                 Handout        Prophecies vis a vis the Nations (Ch.9-11) Pt.1

5 June, 2016                Audio                 Handout        Prophecies vis a vis the Nations (Ch.9-11) Pt.2 (Ch.9-11) Pt.1

19 June, 2016                Audio                 Handout        Prophecies vis a vis the Nations (Ch.9-11) Pt.3

3 July, 2016                Audio                 Handout        Prophecies vis a vis the Nations (Ch.9-11) Pt.4

10 July, 2016                Audio                Handout        Prophecies vis a vis Israel (Ch.12-14) Pt.1

17 July, 2016                Audio                Handout        Prophecies vis a vis Israel (Ch.12-14) Pt.2

24 July, 2016                Audio                Handout        Prophecies vis a vis Israel (Ch.12-14) Pt.3

Commenced 14 June, 2015        

Summer Series

The Office of the Keys

W.R.T. Congregational/Synodical Polity

Abstract:  The Office of the Gospel (the Keys) is the possession of all Christian who have embraced Christ in true faith, are children of God and saved by that Office in the Church. This Gospel however, has created Church throughout history in various times and places having different human forms and lines of authority. The class will examine what is essential to the church (the Gospel in Word and Sacraments) and how the particular polity employed by the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod came about to the form it now exists. The role of tradition and evaluation of 'good' and 'bad' tradition will be considered.

14 June, 2015                Audio         Handout         Introduction

21 June, 2015                Audio         Handout         The Authority in Christ's Church

19 July, 2015                Audio         Handout         The Essence (What's essential?)

26 July, 2015                Audio         Handout         The Essence (how it's preserved-or not!)

2 August, 2015        Audio         Handout         Tradition and its reasons....

9 August, 2015        Audio         Handout         Tradition(s)

16 August, 2015        Audio         Handout         Tradition(s) wrap up

6 September, 2015        Audio         Handout         Christians w.r.t. the Holy Things of God

13 September, 2015        Audio         Handout         Pastors w.r.t. the Holy Things of God

27 September, 2015        Audio         Handout         The Nature of Power/Authority

4 October, 2015        Audio         Handout         Church Authority w.r.t. Secular Government

11 October, 2015        Audio         Handout         Church Authority w.r.t. Order of Creation

18 October, 2015        Audio         Handout         Church Authority w.r.t. Congregation pt. 1

25 October, 2015        Audio         Handout         Church Authority w.r.t. Congregation pt. 2

1 November, 2015        Audio         Handout         Church Authority w.r.t. Congregation pt. 3

8 November, 2015        Audio         Handout         Church Authority w.r.t. Congregation pt. 4

15 November, 2015        Audio         Handout         Church Authority w.r.t. Congregation pt. 5

22 November, 2015        Audio         Handout         Church Authority w.r.t. Congregation pt. 6

29 November, 2015        Audio         Handout         Church Authority w.r.t. Congregation pt. 7

6 December, 2015        Audio         Handout         Church Authority w.r.t. Congregation pt. 8

13 December, 2015        Audio         Handout         Church Authority w.r.t. Synod; Founders pt. 1

20 December, 2015        Audio         Handout         Church Authority w.r.t. Synod; Founders pt. 2

27 December, 2015        Audio         Handout         Church Authority w.r.t. Synod; Founders pt. 3

3 January, 2016        Audio         Handout         Church Authority w.r.t. Synod; Founders pt. 4

10 January, 2016        Audio         Handout         Church Authority wrap up

Commenced 15 March, 2015        

Spring Series

Church Membership: What Does this Mean?

Abstract:  Applying what is leaned in the Catechism to the formation, function and organic oneness in the church is the challenge of being Church, Christians bound in faith to Christ and to each other. The basic resource reviewed in this short unit is the pamplet which can be read or printed through this link:

Pamphlet on Church Membership

15 March, 2015        Class Audio Introduction

29 March, 2015        Class Audio Use of Membership Pt. 1

12 April, 2015                Class Audio Use of Membership Pt. 2

26 April, 2015                Class Audio Use of Membership Pt. 3

3 May, 2015                Class Audio Demonic objections to attend/God's Word

10 May, 2015                Class Audio Review of Objections

17 May, 2015                Class Audio Confrontation: Are You a Christian or Not?

24 May, 2015                Class Audio Appendix: Christian Parenthood 1 of 2

31 May, 2015                Class Audio Appendix: Christian Parenthood 2 of 2

Commenced 14 September, 2014        Fall Series

The Doctrine of


Abstract:  Marriage by its nature was community, love, service, joy and creation involving man (collective) and God, his creator, source and life. Marriage is a doctrine because it is the teaching of God’s Word. His original blessing in marriage was a sign of his love and goodness to man, that doesn’t change. The source of trial or evil that occurs in connection to marriage must neither lead us to blame God for this evil, nor to assume that because his original plans are made impossible by sin, we must compromise marriage to tweak it and make it something other than God instituted. Rather, we must continue to hearken back to God’s Word to see both his original plan for marriage, and his forgiveness in Christ for us sinners who ruin this highest institution of God. In this we see that it is neither to Adam and Eve, nor to ancient or modern innovations to marriage, but to Christ and his relationship with us as sinners in the church (his Bride) that we must look in order to see the essence of God’s plan for marriage in Christ’s giving himself completely in order to redeem and restore his bride, which he presents to himself without spot or wrinkle.

14 September, 2014                Handout        Audio File      Introduction

28 September, 2014                Handout        Audio File      Introduction

5 October, 2014                Handout        Audio File      Evolution? Creation? So what?

12 October, 2014                Handout        Audio File      Image of God; Male/Female; Huh?

19 October, 2014                Handout        Audio File      The Order of Creation

26 October, 2014                Handout        Audio File      'Till divorce? or death?

9 November, 2014                Handout        Audio File      More divorce and death

16 November, 2014                Handout        Audio File      Parents and Courtship

23 November, 2014                Handout        Audio File      One Flesh Covenant/Relationship

30 November, 2014                Handout        Audio File      Intro; the Fallen Estate

7 December, 2014                Handout        Audio File      Intro; the Fallen Estate

14 December, 2014                Handout        Audio File      How Sin Changes Marriage

28 December, 2014                Handout        Audio File      Christ and his Bride pt. 1

4 January, 2015                Handout        Audio File      Christ and his Bride pt. 2

11 January, 2015                Handout        Audio File      Christ and his Bride pt. 3

1 February, 2015                Handout        Audio File      Contemporary Thoughts/Issues pt. 1

8 February, 2015                Handout        Audio File      Contemporary Thoughts/Issues pt. 2

15 February, 2015                Handout        Audio File      Interdenominational Marriage

22 February, 2015                Handout        Audio File      Marrieds in Heaven/Incest

1 March, 2015                Handout        Audio File      Polygamy and Homosexuality

8 March, 2015                Handout        Audio File      Sex Before Marriage/Living Together

Commenced 12 January, 2014        Winter Series

The Book of


Abstract:  This Old Testament book of Wisdom, commonly attributed to an aged Solomon, Son of David, imparts the mature, inspired insights on one who applied his heart to wisdom but found all of it to be futile "under the sun," as true eternal wisdom would only come under the sun to be found in the incarnation of God in Christ, who points beyond the Sun to eternal day!

12 January, 2014                Handout        Audio File      Introduction

19 January, 2014                Handout        Audio File      Ecclesiastes 1a

26 January, 2014                Handout        Audio File      Ecclesiastes 1b; 2a

2 February, 2014                Handout        Audio File      Ecclesiastes 2b; 3

9 February, 2014                Handout        Audio File      Ecclesiastes 4

16 February, 2014                Handout        Audio File      Ecclesiastes 5a

23 February, 2014                Handout        Audio File      Ecclesiastes 5b

2 March, 2014                        Handout        Audio File      Ecclesiastes 5c

9 March, 2014                        Handout        Audio File      Ecclesiastes 5d

16 March, 2014                Handout        Audio File      Ecclesiastes 5e

23 March, 2014                Handout        Audio File      Ecclesiastes 5f

30 March, 2014                Handout        Audio File      Ecclesiastes 6a

13 April, 2014                        Handout        Audio File      Ecclesiastes 7a

27 April, 2014                        Handout        Audio File      Ecclesiastes 7b

4 May, 2014                        Handout        Audio File      Ecclesiastes 7c

11 May, 2014                        Handout        Audio File      Ecclesiastes 7d

18 May, 2014                        Handout        Audio File      Ecclesiastes 7e

25 May, 2014                        Handout        Audio File      Ecclesiastes 7f

1 June, 2014                        Handout        Audio File      Ecclesiastes 8a

8 June, 2014                        Handout        Audio File      Ecclesiastes 8b

15 June, 2014                        Handout        Audio File      Ecclesiastes 8c

22 June, 2014                        Handout        Audio File      Ecclesiastes 9a

29 June, 2014                        Handout        Audio File      Ecclesiastes 9b

13 July, 2014                        Handout        Audio File      Ecclesiastes 10a

20 July, 2014                        Handout        Audio File      Ecclesiastes 10b

27 July, 2014                        Handout        Audio File      Ecclesiastes 11

3 August, 2014                Handout        Audio File      Ecclesiastes 12a

10 August, 2014                Handout        Audio File      Ecclesiastes 12b

Commenced 8 September, 2013        Fall Series

The Small Catechism's

Table of Duties

Abstract:  The Small Catechism refers under the Office of the Keys to "Stations in life" that we are to consider as we decide what sins we should confess to our pastor. The Table of Duties, though not strictly speaking one of the Six Chief Parts, is an important tool for not only reminding ourselves of our God-given vocations, but also to hear God speak his desires for each of them.

8 September, 2013                Handout        Audio File      Introduction

15 September, 2013                Handout        Audio File      Table of Duties: OHM - Bishops,Pastors, Teachers

22 September, 2013                Handout        Audio File      Table of Duties: Congregants

29 September, 2013                Handout        Audio File      Table of Duties: Congregants (Part 2)

6 October, 2013                Handout        Audio File      Table of Duties: Government & Citizens (pt. 1)

13 October, 2013                Handout        Audio File      Table of Duties: Government & Citizens (pt. 2)

20 October, 2013                Handout        Audio File      Table of Duties: Husbands

3 November, 2013                Handout        Audio File      Table of Duties: Wives

24 November, 2013                Handout        Audio File      Table of Duties: Children & Parents

                                       Christian Parenting Pamphlet

1 December, 2013                Handout        Audio File      Table of Duties: Workers/Slaves

8 December, 2013                        No Audio available

15 December, 2013                Handout        Audio File      Table of Duties: Youth, Widows, General

22 December, 2013                Handout        Audio File      Table of Duties: General

29 December, 2013                Handout        Audio File      Table of Duties: Wrap up/Confession

Commenced 19 May, 2013        Summer Series

Holy Communion:

Biblical Doctrine; Local Practice

Abstract:  With changes in the service schedule being implemented, and having spent some time studying Absolution also w.r.t. holy Communion (see just below), our Bible Class will review the theology of holy Communion with respect to the traditions surrounding the same. Topics eventually discussed will include why the practice of closed communion is Scripturally mandated, communion frequency, rites (past, present and future) in service to preparation for holy Communion, rites associated with the distribution of holy Communion, the blessing of children at the rail, the elements used in the Lord's Supper, and communion statements with respect to receiving Communion as a guest at 'sister' LCMS congregations. As our congregation is feeling the pain of lower numbers and dwindling resources we see a revitalization of our use of the Sacrament as a tremendous resource to "being watchful and strengthening the things that remain" (Rev. 3.2) with faith in the promise that this is just what the Sacrament is to be used for.

19 May, 2013                        Handout        Audio File      Introduction

26 May, 2013                        Handout        Audio File      What's essential in the Lord's Supper?

2 June, 2013                        Handout        Audio File      What Must be Taught before Communing a Person?

9 June, 2013                        Handout        Audio File      The Rite of Confirmation; Why? The age???

16 June, 2013                        Handout        Audio File      Adult Conf.; Integrating Communion/Worship/Life

23 June, 2013                        Handout        Audio File      Is the Lord's Supper Necessary? For what?

21 July, 2013                        Handout        Audio File      Review...Can Congregational traditions be improved?

4 August, 2013                Handout        Audio File      Procedure for Changing Local Tradition (Part 1)

11 August, 2013                Handout        Audio File      Procedure for Changing Local Tradition (Part 2)

18 August, 2013                Handout        Audio File      Procedure for Changing Local Tradition (Part 3)

25 August, 2013                                Audio File      Wrap up: Creating a Resolution for Voters


Commenced 25 November, 2012        Winter Series


History of its Application in the Church

Abstract: The practice of absolving sinners has its roots in Christ’s commands to his church to retain and to remit sins (Mt. 16:16; 18.18; Jn. 20.21f). Problems with this absolution given to penitent sinners are as manifold as the problems that exist in the church. Why? Because absolution is an aspect of sanctification, a practice that applies Christ’s perfect righteousness to believers who are not yet perfectly righteous. It is given to believing sinners without too much of a user’s guide in Scripture. Although the command is given to remit and retain sins, the process by which this is done is left by our Lord to the church to practice as best she can. That being the case the use of absolution by the church reflects the health of the church, since absolution is given for the health of the church. A healthy church uses the absolution in a way that is most appropriate to that means of grace. As a hammer isn’t very good at driving screws into wood, so absolution has a particular use that will “hit or miss the nail on the head.” This session of Sunday’s adult class will examine and defend the practice of confession and absolution through the history of the Church, and especially the Lutheran Church, and will trace that history to modern practice and that of our congregation. Resource: First 85 issues of Der Lutheraner (1844-'47).

25 November, 2012                Handout        Audio File      Introduction to the Topic

2 December, 2012                Handout        Audio File      Walther's defense of Absolution in the Church.

Walther's Defense of Churchly Absolution- complete article 

9 December, 2012                Handout        Audio File      History of penance in the Church (pt. 1)

Keyl's Article on General vs Private Absolution 

16 December, 2012                Handout        Audio File      History of penance in the Church (pt. 2)

23 December, 2012                Handout        Audio File      History of penance in the Church (pt. 3)

30 December, 2012                                    Audio File        More Loehe Vignettes (pt. 3b)

6 January, 2013                                       Audio File  Relation of Admission to Communion and C/A

Commenced 9 September, 2012        Fall Series

The Holy Ghost:

Yours, Mine (and Theirs?)

Abstract: The Holy Ghost is a controversial person in the Holy Trinity, as are all three. These days the identification of the Holy Ghost is made as doing his work through cultural movements, fads within the church, individual charisms that cause people to be awe-filled and amazed, as well as in such mundane and unexciting events such as a the preaching of a sermon or the water of Baptism. As the Apostle, under the Spirit’s inspiration and the Lord’s Command, exhorts the church of all ages to “test the spirits (1 John 4) to see if they are from God. This class will be designed to help ever student “test the spirits” and in doing so will examine the spirits that claim to be the Holy Spirit against Christ’s Words of what the Spirit would do. We will look at actual writings and examine the spirit and office of Anti-Christ that obscures the recognition of the Holy Spirit’s work in heterodox bodies and clearly point to the true work of the Holy Spirit manifested by the Word of Christ in every Christian denomination, heterodox or not.

9 September, 2012                Handout        Audio File  The Holy Spirit vis a vis Christ and Scripture

16 September, 2012                Handout        Audio File  The Holy Spirit vis a vis the believer

23 & 30 Sept., 2012                Handout        Audio File 1         The Holy Spirit vis a vis the church


7 October, 2012                Handout        Audio File         The HS in Roman Catholicism; vis a vis the believer

14/21 October, 2012                Handout        Audio File 1         The HS in Roman Catholicism; vis a vis that Church


28 Oct/ 4 Nov, 2012                Handout        Audio File 1         The Reformed Church's Holy Spirit in the Believer


11 November, 2012                Handout        Audio File         The Holy Spirit and the Reformed Church(es)

Commenced 10 June, 2012  Summer Series

A: On Lutheran Identity: a Four Week Examination of Walther's 1846-47 Article from Der Lutheraner Vol. 3:

Does Old Lutheranism Lead to Rome?

Abstract: This Article Defends Lutheran Decisions in Congregation/Worship Practice

Based on the Doctrine of Christian Freedom avoiding the legalistic proscriptions

of Grabau Lutherans/Roman Catholicism and the legalistic condemnatory

prohibitions and proscriptions of Protestantism. The last classes broaden

to apply the doctrine of Christian freedom to the use of an historic

liturgy in contradistinction to contemporary worship.

Walther Article: Source (Copyrighted MVP: All Rights Reserved)

10 June, 2012                Handout        Audio File

17 June, 2012                Handout        Audio File

24 June, 2012                Handout        Audio File

1 July, 2012                Handout         Audio File

8 July, 2012                Handout        Audio File

Took place July 15, 2012:

B: On Church Discipline: from Walther's Feb. 8, 1845 Article from Der Lutheraner Vol. 1, p. 46f:

Untitled Article on Church Discipline

Abstract: This quotes Luther, as well as Augustine, explaining why church discipline is not

put into practice, why it is not primarily the responsibility of the Pastor, but of the entire congregation, as well as the proper reasons for which church discipline is applied.

Walther Article: Source (Copyrighted MVP: All Rights Reserved)

15 July, 2012                Handout        Audio File

Commenced 29 July, 2012:

C: On the Responsibility to Attend Voter's Assemblies: a Three Week Examination of Walther's June, 1847 Article from Der Lutheraner Vol. 3:

On the Duty to Attend Congregational Meetings

Abstract: Directly after forming Synod, this article appears to appraise the responsibility that every member has for the governance and maintenance of his church. Walther even makes this a matter of conscience and a necessity for the existance of the church in the American context. This study also is a diagnostice given by Walther for the weakness of many American Churches caused by the apathy of members to their responsibilies as those entrusted by God with with Office of the Keys.

Walther Article: Source (Copyrighted MVP: All Rights Reserved)

29 July, 2012                        Handout        Audio File

5 August, 2012                Handout        Audio File

12 August, 2012                Handout        Audio File

Held August 26, 2012:

What does Scripture and what to WE mean by the phrase:

"Fear of God;" Appreciative Awe or Sheer Terror?

Abstract: This short treatment was occasioned by this month's newsletter article stating that people felt free to sin because they do not fear God; intentional sin is mortal sin that drives out the Holy Ghost and faith and leaves one in the hands of a wrathful God!

Newsletter Article

26 August, 2012                        Handout        Audio File

Commenced 9 January, 2011. . .

A 16 Week Class on Paul's First Letter to the Church in Corinth

1 Corinthians: Perfect Freedom is Peace in Christ

1. Introduction: Audio File (missed first part of class)        Handout

2. Chapter 1: Audio File;         Handout

3. Chapters 2 & 3: Audio file;        Handout

4. Chapter 4:         Audio File;                Handout 

5. Chapter 5: Audio File;                Handout

6. Chapter 6: Audio File;                Handout

7. Chapter 7: Audio File;                Handout

8. Chapter 8a: Audio File;                Handout

9. Chapter 8b: Got Audio; sorry for the quality!        Handout

10. Chapter 9: Audo File                Handout

11. Chapter 9/10: Audio File        Handout

12. Chapter 10/11: Audio File        Handout

13. Chapter 11a: Audio File        Handout

14. Chapter 11b: Audio File        Handout

15. Chapter 11c/12: Audio File        Handout

16. Chapter 13/14: no audio file        Handout

17Chapter 15: Audio File                Handout

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