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Christian Parenthood: What does this Mean?

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Here is a(n eight page) resource developed especially for church members who have been instructed in the faith, have vowed faithful participation in the same, and have fallen into inactivity, perhaps becoming hardened against God's teaching about their on-going need of grace for their sins and of sanctification, without which no one will see God.

This pamphlet is hard hitting, confrontational, and direct, leading the reader to only one of two conclusions; that is, that he is either God's enemy, or his child in need of his Father's grace. This approach to both faith and (re-)conversion is thoroughly Waltherarian, and therefore (I am convinced) both Lutheran and Biblical and of great benefit to clarify a person's spiritual state for himself. It might be a good tool to be used with an elder's, or lay, calling group that is concerned with Christians' habitually sinning against the Third Commandment.

Additionally, an appendix has been added as an admonition and a guide to Christian parenting. In my own parish this is intended to also be used for calling on parents who are expecting a child unto baptism or those who need admonition to bring their children to church and to be examples to them as children of God who need his grace and continue to grow unto the fullness of Christ.

For a 'reader's spread' edition (to be read on screen or printed sequentially) which cannot be assembled into a half-page booklet, but can be printed page by page as it appears in the booklet: click this link to read or right click to download:

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Directions to make it a half-page pamplet: Below are two links which may be printed landscape on side one and side two, respectively. The pamphlet can thus be assembled, folded in half and stapled. Clicking the links will open the file, right click to save it to your disk.

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